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China Railway Material Limited Company (hereinafter CRM) is a central enterprise under the administration of  the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), which was ranked 292nd among the World’s Top 500 Enterprise in 2013. Headquartered in Beijing, CRM has established several operating overseas subsidiaries in the United States and  Australia. CRM is an ultra-large supply chain services provider focusing on serving customers in the markets of railway materials, steel products and minerals in China. Capitalizing on our large scale of operations, wide range of product portfolio and extensive sales, marketing and logistics network, we have obtained a leading position in China through our operations under two principal business segments, namely, railway supply chain services segment and steel supply chain integrated services segment.


China Railway Material Industry Group is a subsidiary of China Railway Material Limited Company, which was founded in 28th June, 2014 and headquartered in Hefei. It has six whole-owned subsidiaries, which are respectively, Pingdingshan Rail Bearing company, Taiyuan Rail Bearing company, Tieiepeng Cement Company, Wuhan Timber Anticorrosive Company, Yingtan Timber Anticorrosive Company, Zhenlai Timber Anticorrosive Company. Currently, the company has registered capital over two billion RMB and it has mainly operated with the traditional railway products, such as the cement and concrete rail bearing, anti-corrosion sleepers. In addition, the company has possessed an extensive experience in manufacturing and has formed large scale effects and good brand reputation in the industry.


With the goal of being “a strong industrial enterprise”, China Railway Material Industry Group is committed to maximizing, optimizing and expanding the railway industrial companies, to upgrading and transforming the headquarters. Through relying on the comprehensive railway service chain, it aims to build a leading company which possesses the ability to manufacture a portfolio of the railway line equipments and railway track maintenance related products.

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