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[Short-term objectives]:

1. promote the value-creation ability

Through relying on the comprehensive railway service chain, on the basis of current existing enterprises, CRM industry group aims to reach the goal of products upgrading and entering the high-end railway market; strengthening international cooperation and entering the market of new railway line through various channels; speeding up the pace of “Go Out” and the transforming of enterprise, improving the value-creation ability.

Accelerating the full upgrading process of anti-corrosive companies,  adjusting the distribution of productive forces and reducing the environmental pollution; introducing the project of high-speed railway equipments, realizing the adjustment of products structure; optimizing the allocation of resources and revitalizing the stock assets; facilitating concrete rail bearing enterprises to enter the field of manufacturing high-speed railway products and realizing the manufacturing of rail bearing at the scene as soon as possible. Accelerating the research and development of new products, such as the high speed railway telecom with concrete pile, cable, underground concrete segment. Anhui Tiepeng cement company maintains the current strategy, focus on improving the upstream and downstream industries, and enhancing the competitive capability in regional competition, keeping and increasing the level of profitability.

Through a unified strategy, unified research and development, unified market development and external cooperation ( “four unification”), to strengthen the management of industrial enterprises, to obtain greater economic benefits, reduce the environmental pollution, finally obtaining a long-term development.

2.  Strengthen manufacturing integration and promoting incremental value-creation ability.

Relying on the railway comprehensive service chain, centralizing superior resources and entering the market of manufacturing new high-speed railway equipment; Integrating and restructuring the superior line and maintenance equipment manufacturing enterprises; promoting group incremental value creation ability.

CRM Industry Group chooses the suitable enterprises who manufacture the railway equipments to facilitate the restructure and accelerate the development of high speed heavy rail, frog projects. In accordance with the policy of “Go Out”, researching and developing the construction of concrete rail bearing factory and cement grinding station in southeast of Asia and Africa. Strengthen the partnership with Railway Research Institute of China, activate the development and continue working on the projects of high speed railway line equipment and researching new maintenance equipments.

[Long-term objectives]:

Insisting on institutional innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, through the cooperation with scientific research units, colleges and universities, and advanced foreign enterprises, gearing production to the needs of both international and domestic markets, optimizing the allocation of resources; facilitating industrial enterprise to become the researching, testing and manufacturing base of railway line and maintenance equipments; becoming the main participant of setting the standards of rail production; trying to build the corporation into a modern large-scale industrial group with advanced product technology, high-level management, strong market competitiveness and exquisite production environment.


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