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 Big Events

  On January 14th, 2014, the CRM company has organized a symposium to discuss the developing issues of industrial organizations in Chaohu. Chairman Lin and President Shen have stated the overall plan of corporation reform and put forward the expectation and requirements of reforming industrial corporation. All the participants have formed consensus on the plan and expressed their support of the decision.


On January 24th, after launching the management team of reforming in the CRM company, the operational department has distributed the outline of research to the core team members.


 On February 17th, Vice President Dong chaired the first meeting with the industrial reform working group, they discussed about the outline of reforming proposal and formed consensus on the issues of reforming.  


From February 24th-28th, President Shen and Vice President Dong of CRM company visited Wuhan, Hefei, Nanjing and met the leaders from local governments. They have investigated the local preferential policy and economic development environment in different cities.


 On March 4th, President Shen and Vice President Dong met with Mayor Zhang Qingjun, deputy Mayor Ma and other leaders from the Municipal Party Committee of Hefei, they have had a pleasant discussion about cooperation.


On March 7th , vice president Dong Shaozhuang has organized the second meeting about the reforming proposal and regulations of CRM Industry Group. Prior to the meeting, the organization, business scope, group information and registration and the company's articles of association have been discussed in the meeting. According to the meeting discussion, all the attending departments agreed to form a plan; besides, the managing team of industrial reform group have modified and completed the reforming proposal and articles of association.


On March 14th, in the third President meeting, the proposal of establishing CRM  Industry Group has been reviewed and approved. 


On April 8th, the chairman Lin of CRM met mayor Wu Cunrong of Hefei, they discussed the site selection of CRM Industry Group and cooperative issues in the meeting; then visiting the office and residential land in Hefei. 


 On April 21st, Chairman Lin has chaired a project meeting, President Shen, Vice President Dong and managers from other departments have participated in the meeting. According to the suggestion from the board of directors, they have discussed and modified the construction scheme. 


 On April 30th, CRM company has held the board meeting and examined the project of establishing the CRM Industry Group co., LTD and passed the construction scheme as well.


On May 19th, the signing ceremony of China Railway Materials Industry Group has been held in Hefei. On behalf of the CRM company, the Vice President Dong has signed an agreement with the Economic and Development District of Hefei, the Chief Executive Officer Shen and Mayor Zhang have attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.


 On June 28th, the first conference of China Railway Materials Industry Group has been held in Hefei, Chairman Lin, Vice President Dong and President assistant Pan have attended the meeting. At the same time, the Executive Mayor Zhang Qingjun, Vice Mayor Ma Li of Hefei and other leaders from Hefei Municipal Party Committee government, Economic Development District and financial institutions have attended the conference.

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