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China Railway Materials Industry Group Co. Ltd.
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1. CRM vision recognition system includes corporate logo, reference color, standard font, standard combination, office supplies, external symbol, internal symbol, public relation supplies, advertising symbol, etc. The usage of corporate logo must strictly comply with the pertinent stipulations to enable the integrity of CRM corporate image.

 Corporate Name:China Railway Materials Industry Group Limited Co.

English Abbreviation: CRMIG
Chinese Abbreviation:

2. What's the interpretation of CRM corporate logo?

"M" (Material) in the logo is vividly simplified into one character with the corporate soul. The logo enables readers to catch CRM main business body at first glance. It illustrates CRM concentrating on material supply services of trading business, logistics, etc. to aim at providing comprehensive service in railway industry and society, which integrates convenience, efficient service as a whole.

The vision has two graceful pitch arcs interacting to each other. It symbolizes CRM's excellent communication and successful cooperation with subsidiaries and Partnership Company as well as all clients. The Logo expresses CRM's spirits which strives to become railway industry prime driver and to accomplish win-win outcome with all cooperating parties.

The blue oval logo that pointing at upper east direction is a vision metaphor which indicating CRM's developmental goal is heading to the way of becoming a world class corporation. The logo also fully interprets CRM's mission that "Serve as a bridge between production and market demand to achieve win-win outcomes."

The logo is full of power and grandeur. It embodies CRM corporate characteristic as one of the largest Chinese SOEs. It generates power, preciseness, maturity and creative corporate culture with corporate fully-fledged network which will leads CRM to explore infinite business opportunities all around the world.

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