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As a subsidiary of China Railway Materials Industry Corporation, the company was established in 1958. With convenient transportation, the company is located in the Caopin district of Taiyuan city where is adjacent to the northwest ring of Taiyuan railway and highway. The company covers an area of 358,000 square meters and has equipped with complete assets, such as eight railway private sidings (total length of 5.8 km) and the platform; six silos with a total capacity of 5000 tons of cement; six open warehouses and etc. The company has equipped with advanced technology, 13 senior technical professionals and 29 technical working staff.

The company focus on improving the manufacturing, and manufacturing, it has carried large-scale upgrade of the production line, such as rail bearing production, sand production base, the concrete mixing equipments and steel wire production. The company has gained the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1999.

Address: No.112 Xinlan Road, Jiancanping District

              Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

Postcode: 030041

Telephone: 0351-2643343


 Fax: 0351-2643333


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