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Yingtan Wood Preservation Company, as a member unit in the Timber Protection Association, is also a subsidiary of China Railway Materials Industry Group co., LTD. The company was founded in 1958 and it is a famous enterprise which is specializing in the production of railway with anticorrosive wood. It is also rated as the “Top 100 Timber Processing Enterprises in China” and the member of “China Timber Distribution Association". Since the establishment, the company has total accumulative sales of 350 cubic meters and reached the goal of saving more than 1400 cubic meters timber resources in the process of manufacturing. Their products have been widely used in local, city and multiple railway factories and lines, which has made great contribution to the development of China's railway and national economic construction.

The "AnRuShan" series of timber preservation products has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. In 2004, it has gained the premium quality award issued by China Building Materials Circulation Association; besides, it also has won the certificate of "Customer Satisfaction Products", which was issued by Jiangxi Province Quality Association. In 2006, it has won the honor of "Famous Brand Enterprise" in the timber preservation industry. Yingtan Timber Anticorrosive company not only specialized in manufacturing the railway products; but also actively engaged in formulating the standard of industry. It keeps working towards the goal of being a leading position in the timber preservation industry and aims to offer premium quality products and best service to customers.

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