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President of CRM Shen Zhaojun has visited the CRM Industry Group in Hefei.

时间:2014/10/31 11:08:12 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On October 15th, Chief Executive Officer Shen ZhaoJun has visited China Railway Materials Industry Group with the Minister of CRM Planning and Development Department, Zhu Linhai, the Minister of CRM Finance department, Yang Xiaoyan to research and guide the operation and management work. The chairman and executive manager and departmental managers in CRM company have participated in the survey. 


During the research symposium, the chairman Ni Lingliang has reported the organizational management and project developing performance. President Shen communicated the strategic positioning, management team and corporate governance of the corporation with the management team members; besides, he gave positive comments on the working progress of the Industry group since its establishment.  President Shen said that the establishment and development of the CRM Industry Group play positive roles in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the whole CRM company and he encouraged the industry group to keep working toward the goal and making progress in practice.


President Shen has make some recommendations for the next-phase development of the industry group: first is to emancipate the mind and innovate the idea; secondly is to standardize the management and strengthen the basement; thirdly is to shaping positive organizational culture and communicating positive energy; fourthly is to utilize the good resources advantages and research new products and projects.


Chairman of industry group Ni Lingliang said that the company would implement president Shen’s requirements, focus on the basic management, new project development and the upgrade of subsidiaries, make positive contribution to the development of the China Railway Materials company.

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