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China Railway Materials Industry Group has held a symposium on concrete business

时间:2014/10/31 11:29:13 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On 13th September, the CRM industry group has held a symposium on the concrete products business, people attended the symposium include that vice president Dong Shao zhaung and deputy manager Sun Ke of railway construction, the leaders from CRM Industry Group, department managers, the directors of rail bearing company, managers of technical and marketing departments and so on. The symposium was held by Chang Chengyi.


Firstly, directors from Pingdingshan rail bearing company and Taiyuan rail bearing company made a special speech respectively on the rail bearing business; then, the department of railway construction group introduced the current market situation  and future development of concrete products. Participants have had a discussion on the concrete products business synergy, and important project development, on-site rail bearing manufacturing and high-speed heavy rail bearing business.


Executive manager Zu Dengyun has proposed more requirements for the next phase development of rail bearing business; besides, he hoped that the management team shall switch their thoughts, strengthen internal management, reduce the cost, exploring external market, actively propose the company development, establish incorruptible organizational culture and create incremental value.


Chairman Ni Lingliang of industry group has summarized the meeting and put forward five more requirements. Vice President of China Railway Materials Company Dong Shaozhuang has fully affirmed the achievement of industry group and put forward several requirements on the concrete products business.


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