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China Railway Materials Industry Group has held a symposium on timber anti-corrosive rail bearing business

时间:2014/10/31 14:21:32 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On 4th September, the industry group has held a symposium on timber anticorrosive rail bearing business. Department managers, executive managers and chairman Ni Lingliang of industry group have attended the meeting. The meeting was held by executive manager Zu Dengyun.

In the meeting, manager Zu made several suggestions on the operation management of timber anticorrosive business: firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the market synergy, achieve the collaborative synergy and strictly implement the requirements of meeting; secondly, it should actively plan the enterprise development and strengthen the construction of leading groups , communicate the positive energy and solve the current problems.

Chairman Ni Lingliang has emphasized the timeliness and necessity of organizing this meeting ; meanwhile, he proposed four points of requirements: first is to take account of the general situation, political situation and perfecting measures; secondly is to create more communication and do better market research for achieving a unified planning and unified marketing information support; the third one is to maintain the current rail bearing market and work hard to upgrade and transform the companies, achieving the sustainable development of enterprise; the fourth one is to do manage the operation and explore market, make efforts to achieve the goal of production.

Participants have expressed their opinions on the development of anticorrosive rail bearing business and annual operation objectives; through their discussion, they have reached a consensus, modified the rules and expressed their confidence.   

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