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The Vice President of CRM Dong Shaozhuang has visited the China Railway Materials Industry Group

时间:2014/10/31 14:27:47 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

During 11th-13th September, vice President Dong Shaozhuang has participated in the concrete business symposium and guide work in the industry group. The minister of operation safety management department Hao Wenwu, chairman of the industry group Ni Lingliang and executive manager Zu Dengyun have attended the meeting.


During 11th-12th September, vice president Dong has listened to the work statement of Tiepeng cement company and Pingdingshan rail bearing company. Vice president Dong has given some suggestion on of the next-phase development: the first one is to pay attention to the debts collection; regardless of the amount of money, clarifying the specific responsibility and collect the money as soon as possible; the third one is to implement practical measures to ensure the preservation of state-owned assets.


On 13th September, vice president Dong has participated in the concrete business symposium. In the meeting, he has fully affirmed the achievement of the industrial group and put forward following expectations on the concrete products business the first one is to strengthen product development and speed up the pace of entering the high-speed railway market; the second one is to break the regional restrictions of production, strengthen coordination with railway construction department, strengthen the stationing at home, pays special attention to the on-site rail bearing base construction. Form a rational layout of production networks, to extend and expand the business space of rail bearing business; thirdly, through utilizing the external platform of international business department, import and export companies, implement  technology and management advantages, trying to explore the feasibility of foreign build sleeper line.


On behalf of the management team, Chairman Ni Lingliang has expressed thanks to vice president Dong ‘s guidelines for the concrete products business. He said the industry group would study and implement the, establish a professional organization and coordination rules, promote the processes of work, to do a good job of concrete products business transformation and upgrading, strengthening basic management, improve efficiency, to make a positive contribution to the development of corporation reform.

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