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Chairman Ni Lingliang has visited Yingfang Company

时间:2014/10/31 14:32:12 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On 20th August, deputy chief economist and chairman Ni of CRM group has visited Yingfang company with deputy minister of operation department Guo Yanxia, to research and guide work. Through this research, chairman Ni has had a face-to-face talking with the departmental directors and production-line employees. Through comparing the data and analysis reports, they invested the operating situation and projects development in Yingfang company.


After listening to the working report of Yingfang company, chairman Ni has learned about the problems happened in the company, he gave praise on the diligent working of the employees; at the same time, he put forward further requirements for leadership: first one is to emancipate the mind, change thoughts and style, make efforts to create a new situation. Secondly, they should summarize the experience on transforming and upgrading of companies, discover new opportunities and create business advantages; Thirdly, to solve the problems existing in the shanty towns transformation work; Fourthly,  to revitalize the enterprise idle assets, do a good job in the feasibility study of projects related to work; Fifthly, strengthen the basic operation and management of the enterprise, to ensure the complement of established business objectives.


Leaders from Yingfang company said that the company would implement chairman Ni’s specific requirements , strengthen confidence, improve team cohesion and lead all staff unified thoughts, switch the idea, strive to achieve the company goal. 

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