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China Railway Materials Industry Group has held a meeting to convey the spirit of the 13rd Party Committee meeting of CRM company

时间:2014/10/31 14:36:04 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On August 19, industrial group company has organized a meeting to gather the senior managers to convey the spirit of 13rd company party committee (expand) meeting and economic activity analysis meeting spirit in the first half of 2014. The meeting shall be presided by industry group company general manager ZuDengYun.


The meeting focused on the work reports of joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Lin Wanli and president Shen Zhaojun. According to the meeting, combined with the actual situation of industry group, the CRM company required the staff to learn the spirit of leaders’ speech and make efforts to finish the annual management tasks; Strengthen the efforts in project development, speed up the progress of project development; continue to follow up risk control in key areas, supervise and urge relevant member enterprises to do a good job of risk control; calls on unified thoughts among staff  and make positive contributions to the reform of CRM company. 

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