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Chairman of the Board Ni Lingliang and President Zu Dengyun, etc have visited Tiepeng Cement Company to guide and research the manufacturing business

时间:2014/10/31 14:37:09 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

July 16th-17th, chairman of CRM industry group Ni Lingliang,  president Zu Dengyun and deputy manager Chang Chengyi have visited Anhui Tiepeng cement company. The party secretary Pan Zhengjun of Tiepeng company and relevant department  heads have attended in the meeting. 

On July 16th, chairman Ni have carried out a in-depth research in Tiepeng cement company, they have resarched the cement production line and clinker production line. On July 17th, they have been to the subsidiaries of Tiepeng company-Hefei branch, Dingli and Sunshine peninsula company.


During the survey, chairman Ni has listened to the work reports of Tiepeng company, and their suggestion and recommendation on development. Tiepeng company secretary of the party committee Pan Zhengjun has reported company’s production and business operation in recent years, development strategy and promotion during the period of "twelfth five-year". Members in Tiepeng company leader team have actively make recommendations on the industrial group positioning, control mode, the development ideas, etc.



After listening to the brief introduction, chairman Ni has given full affirmation on Tiepeng company’s achievement in recent years. He pointed out that Anhui Tiepeng cement company had explored a successful path for industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In addition, it provided successful experience and set up the model and example. Chairman Ni has restated the significance and necessity of establishing the industry group; moreover he gave instructions on the next-phase work: firstly, it is required to make profits and complete the production task of 2014; secondly, it is necessary to develop strategy and make contribution to the industry group; thirdly, it is it is unswervingly adhere to the existing development strategy, enhance profitability and provide support for industry group; fourthly is to promote the management level.



On behalf of the management team, Tiepeng company secretary of the party committee Pan Zhengjun said that they would implement the requirements of industry group and take concrete actions to support the development of industrial group. 

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