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CRM has organized a symposium on railway business

时间:2014/10/31 14:40:48 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On September 28th, the CRM joint-stock company has held a business symposium on railway business in Beijing. Chairman and party secretary Lin Wanli, executive director and CEO Shen Zhaojun attended the meeting and made important speech. All executives managers in joint-stock company have participated in the meeting. Department directors of railway business, East China group, Industry group, Oil group, and etc have attended in the meeting.

The meeting aims to convey the spirit of turning from loss to profit meeting which was held by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission. The department of planning and development reported the general idea of the corporation reform of railway business; oil product department reported oil business reform, railway lines, railway construction and equipment departments respectively reported the business reform ideas and suggestions. Participants have had a heated discussion on how to implement the state-owned assets supervision and administration requirements and stabilize the development of the railway business, deepen the reform of the railway business and put forward the constructive suggestions.

President Shen Zhaojun conveyed the conference spirit and reported the production and operational situation in CRM corporation from January to September. He analyzed the current situation of the railway business and fully affirmed various thoughts and ideas on reform. Furthermore, he put forward three requirements: firstly is to emancipate the mind and switch ideas, understand the situation clearly and unified thoughts with a more broader view of the railway business reform and reorganization; narrow the gap and actively adapt to market requirements; Secondly, take consideration of the political and general situation, build up confidence in the reform and release a positive signal to create a good atmosphere of supporting for reform. It is necessary for the leaders to set up the confidence in reform especially in the crucial period; thirdly is to make change and take action. From a practical standpoint, get the actual effects and accelerate the implementation of specific measures.

At the end of meeting, chairman Lin Wanli made an important speech. He pointed out that in the symposium, sorts of opinions have been listened and absorbed; at the same time, wisdom and ideas have been collected to improve the reform plan, which has a  positive meaning on implementing the plan. He stressed that firstly, it is not a simple restructuring plan of China railway material company, it is required to take an integrated method to utilize resources in the reform. It should take consideration of both sides and arouse the enthusiasm by involving many partners. Secondly, it is essential to revitalize the existing resources, develop the potential resources, response effectively to the market, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, utilize complementary advantages to improve the efficiency and maximize the profitable capability. Railway business sector needs to further cultivate the unique advantages, improve the service level and service differentiation, professional ability, stabilize the organizational innovation and development.

He put forward the requirements that in the critical moment, all the subsidiaries and departments need to build up confidence, build consensus, propaganda theme, spread the positive energy, according to the requirements of the state-owned assets supervision and administration to the turnround difficulty relief work, a good risk management, asset and revitalize and reform effect three tough, driving China's iron content as soon as possible out of the woods, took to the track of healthy development.

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