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CRM corporation had a office business training meeting

时间:2014/11/4 15:57:59 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

October 26th-27th, CRM corporation had a office business training meeting. The main task of the meeting is to study the important speech delivered by Li Zhanshu and to deliver the spirit of enterprise office work conference. It sets the objective of becoming an advanced office among central enterprises, improve the working ability, provide better service in the company reform and development tasks. People participated in the meeting include ministers and managers from official department, integrated management department, the whole system office and integrated department. People from departments of secretary, documentation, files, information and other relevant personnel participated the training.


In the meeting, director of the president office and the party committee office Zhu Xu conveyed leaders’ requirements on improving the training quality and office business. He hoped all the participant can appreciate the opportunity of attending the training, improve the self-learning ability and working ability, take account of the general situation, responsible and dedicated consciousness. Work closely with the production task, operation center, firmly grasp the idea of "create first-class" key, switch style, improve quality, promote the reform and make greater contributions for the company development.


The board of directors and president, director of the office, vice director of the party committee office Dong Jianning had a brief summary of the meeting. He put forward the requirements that based on the training spirit of office system, combing with the unit office work to deepen study, find the disadvantages, earnestly improve the work. Focus on tasks for all the production and business operation surrounding co. LTD., pays attention to documentation, secretary, archives, information and other basic work, utilize the advantage to promote the positive energy and provide positive contribution for the company development.


In addition, this training invited the director of to the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council secretary office, Liu Lin to teach the document writing courses; also arranged courses for document processing method, archives management, record management and basic documentation. After the training, it arranged a paper test and review as well.


Participants thought that this training had offered diversify courses, although the time is limited, it had good effects on improving the business ability and strengthen the consciousness of responsibility and dedication. It is essential to apply the results to the practical work and make positive contribution to the development of CRM company.


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