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CRM company initiated 2014 assets checking work

时间:2014/11/4 17:22:07 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On October 27th, CRM company initiated the meeting of checking the company assets, principal leaders from CRM company, ministers of all departments and principal leaders from secondary companies and relevant functional departments attended the meeting. The main content of the meeting is to implement the mobilization and deployment of inventory checking work in 2014, as well as the asset checking training.


During the meeting, president Shen Zhaojun made an important speech. Firstly, it analyzed the current situation and tasks of company; secondly, it emphasized the significance of checking the assets, such as promoting the quality of assets checking, providing basis for decision making and strengthen the foundation of management. He also said that carrying out the assets checking is the important foundation of turning from loss to profits. In the end, president Shen has put forward arrangements and requirements on assets checking: first is to strengthen organizational leadership and guarantee the development of assets checking work; secondly, it emphasized the quality and validity of the assets information; thirdly, it required to keep the efficient progress of completing the checking tasks; fourthly, it required to improve the basic management level of assets checking.


To implement the spirit of assets checking meeting and implement the work, the assistant of president Tu Jianping had put forward further requirements: firstly is to clearly divide the responsibility and implement systematic king work; secondly is focusing on checking the true information of assets and liabilities; thirdly is to collect the evidence and materials, timely hand in the asset inventory report; fourthly is seriously implementing working disciplines and vigorously promoting the implementation of asset checking work; fifthly is focusing on asset checking column, timely grasp the work requirements; sixthly is to establish a healthy system and consolidate the results of assets checking.


Secondary companies and subordinated departments need to organize staff to study the spirit of meeting, implement the requirements, realize the significance of conducting the assets checking, completing the checking tasks, ensure the true information. After the initiated assets checking meeting, people from Lixin certified public accountants explained assets checking methods, procedures and related statements provided requirements.

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