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Lin Wanli attended the Communist Party mass line educational practice summary meeting in Beijing.

时间:2014/11/5 17:17:51 澳门新葡亰平台官网:


On the morning of October 28th, chairman of China Railway Material company, education practice leading group leader, the first team leader, chairman and party secretary Lin Wanli attended the Communist Party mass line’ education campaign and made an important speech. Principal leaders of joint-stock company, such as first unfairness, deputy group leader, deputy chief economist, the human resources department, personnel department minister Cheng Zhisheng accompanied by comrades to attend the meeting. Beijing education practice leading group leader, communist party secretary, Yang Yonggui made a summary speech in the end of the meeting. Education practice leading group deputy head of the Beijing company, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman comrade Chang Qiuyi chaired the meeting.


During the meeting, Chang Qiuyi conveyed China Railway Material company second batch of the party's ‘mass line’ review meeting spirit and put forward the requirements that all the members and cadres need to study the content and spirit of the campaign; additionally, implementing the spirit and requirements faithfully in the actual work .


Yang Yonggui had a summing-up speech focusing on Beijing company party's ‘mass line’ educational campaign. He reviewed eight key points in the campaign and summarized the achievements in three aspects: first one is radically find the root and problems of "four winds". Secondly, it is necessary to work closely with the mass and  find the problem in the last one kilometer; Thirdly is to focus on the prominent question and take solid improvements. Furthermore, he pointed out the existing problems in the campaign, for illustration lack of understanding, ignoring details, further improvements are needed to strengthen the political theoretical study. It is important to realize and communicate details in the process of corporation reforming, thoroughly study and apply chairman Xi Jinping’s important speech spirit, implement the governing party requirements, consolidate achievements and promote company management to a new situation.  


Secretary Lin Wanli made an important speech at the meeting as well. He fully affirmed the education practice of organizational processes and activities and praised three characteristics of the campaign: first one is the unified organization and carefully planning; second one is to open the door and utilizing the wisdom of crowds; thirdly is being strict on rectification and pragmatic. Secretary Lin put forward further five points of suggestions on corporation reform: first one is seriously grasp and implement chairman Xi’s speech spirit, accurately grasp the governing party eight requirements, as an important political task to implement; secondly is being stick to deal with the fulfillment of "a plan" with the two methods, make sure to live up to its promise to the public; thirdly is to overcome the difficulties and continuously to strengthen the construction of style of work; fourthly is the implementation of the governing party responsibility, play an important role of political core party committee and escort for the company development; fifthly is transferring the achievements of attitude construction to promote the reform and development, pays special attention to the management and make positive contribution to the company. It is essential to do the risk management and collect overdue assets, so that to complete the annual task and prepare for the next-year work.


People attended the meeting include Beijing company leader team members, educational practice leading group members, education practice office members, middle-level cadres, party members representatives, employees representatives and the party branch committee members.

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