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Anhui Tiepeng company held contract management skills contest

时间:2014/11/6 10:48:48 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On October 12th and 17th, Anhui Tiepeng company labor union and administrative office jointly held a contract management skills contest. The company's financial, material, engineering, marketing, audit and other related departments, total fifty-one employees attended the contest. The contest used a combination of theoretical examination and practical way of testing. During the contest, everyone was dedicated in the participation and answer carefully. Through the theory test, six participants were selected to the continue the computer practical operation and finally two winners will be sent to join the for employees skills contest in Beijing joint-stock company.


Through this skills contest, it strengthened employees’ knowledge’s of contract management and improved the practical ability and business level, speed up the growth of talent team, enhance the company's ability to prevent contract risks in business activities, it was concluded that so far this contest has had the intended result.

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