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Chairman Lin investigated and researched work in Zhenlai Anti-corrossion company

时间:2014/11/26 14:34:45 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On November 4th, CRM joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Lin Wanli, vice President Dong Shaozhuang and other people went to Zhenlai anti-corrosion company to research and guide the work. The deputy chief economist, chairman of industry group Ni Lingliang, minister of joint-stock company planning and development department Zhu Linhai,  executive manager of industry group Zu Dengyun, deputy general manager Jiang Yi have participated in research activities.


Chairman Lin went to Zhenlai anti-corrosion company first-phase basement of the grain logistics project construction site to investigate the project developing situation. Then, chairman Lin listened to the report of Zhenlai anti-corrosion company’s first three-quarter operational performance, Party construction work, education practice and construction situation of grain logistics project; later he put forward further work requirements.


Chairman Lin fully affirmed Zhenlai anti-corrosion company’s contribution to the railway materials supply development, and put forward three aspects of requirements for the next-step work: first of all is to adjust measures to local conditions, make full use of its own resources, local resources and geographical advantages, with grain logistics project as the gripper, accelerate its transition to erase. Secondly is to pay special attention to the grain logistics project, to ensure the complement of the "one goal": working with strong confidence and in a limited time for the project, making sure the grain purchasing will be completed by December 20th; Built "two demonstrated projects", which means building project construction into transformational developing demonstration project with efficient investment; Implementing the disciplines of strengthening quality, safety and efficiency; Taken four more actions: that is, deepen understanding, organizing more closely, progressing faster and better preparation. Thirdly, it is required to continually carry out the Party's mass line education practice, ending is not the end, paying special attention to the problem of "four winds" rectification implementation. To fully implement the Party's style to build a clean government construction responsibility system, insist on a pair of responsibilities, further play the role of Party committee’s core effects and lead Zhenlai company into the healthy development track.


Vice president Dong Shaozhuang required all the working staff earnestly study and implement chairman Lin’s important speech spirit, and puts forward four points of suggestion: firstly is to work hard to implement project construction; secondly is to exercise strict control over investment scale; thirdly is to do the combination of talents introduction and internal staff training; fourthly is to complete the target of annual production with high ownership responsibility.


Executive manager of Zhenlai company Dang Bin, on behalf of the leader team, said they would earnestly implement chairman Lin and vice president Dong’s job requirement, especially Lin Wanli chairman's important speech spirit, the company would try to overcome all difficulties, work harder with stronger confidence, pay special attention to the production, business operation and project construction, making employees satisfied and leaders rest assured.

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