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CRM joint-stock company held a training meeting for Party work

时间:2014/11/26 14:38:44 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On November 18th, in order to meet the need of reform and development of CRM joint-stock company, CRM joint-stock company held a training course for the Party work. Company chairman, party secretary Lin Wanli made an important speech, deputy chief economist, the party committee work department, the minister of enterprise culture department Gao presided over training. Company directors and departmental heads from the CRM East China group, industry group, oil company party committee, trading and logistics company, property company, energy company, Taibo company and Xiamen steel company, a total of twenty-five people have attended the training meeting.

In the meeting, Chairman Lin Wanli emphasized the importance of strengthening Party organization construction and put forward three proposals: firstly, it is essential to fully recognize the significance of strengthening party construction, strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility; He stressed that strengthen the party construction work is indispensable to the implementation of Chairman Xi’s important spirit, achieving goals of joint-stock company reform and development, as well as solving the problems and challenges. Secondly, we must correctly grasp the basic connotation of party construction, strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of party construction. Furthermore, he points out to strengthen and play the role of Party committee political core effects, so that to ensure the implementation of Party and state policy in the enterprise; Participate in the major issues’ decision-making process and carry out the principle of managing Party cadres and the Party talents; To strengthen the supervision of enterprise leading personnel; Wholeheartedly rely on worker masses. Thirdly, Mr. Lin hoped that: first of all is to continually strengthen its own construction, hence providing thoughts and organizational guarantee for reforming and developing; secondly is to continuously strengthen the attitude construction and consolidate the achievements of the educational campaign; Thirdly is to strengthen study and practice, hence improving the working ability and quality of Party construction.


The training involves with the Party Job responsibilities and requirements, ideological work and enterprise culture construction and development of Party members, the Party branch construction, the communist youth league and youth work, statistics and Party dues' work and Party organization relationship transfer and other closely related to the actual work content. In terms of the problems existing in the Party work affairs, various units had a heated discussion on solutions.


The training meeting content was diverse, it strengthened and improved the new Party organization's building, ideological and political work, improved the business level of new Party organization, utilized the achievements of Party construction to promote the sustainable development of the CRM company sustainable development; made contribution to the development of each work to and laid a good foundation.

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