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CRM industry group organized rail bearing technological collaborative meeting

时间:2014/11/27 10:03:56 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In order to implement the technological synergy for affiliated sleeper companies, in the afternoon of October 24th, CRM industry group organized a video conference on rail bearing collaborative projects. Industry group leaders, departmental directors, rail bearing companies’ leaders, technical, quality, test and quality inspection personnel attended the meeting.


In the meeting, based on Taiyuan rail bearing company’s problems of technology, quality, test, inspection, on-site management, warehouse management and other issues, industry group coordinated affiliated companies to have a positive discussion and put forward feasible solutions. Through a mutual direct communication, Taiyuan rail bearing companies’ understand the current key issues involved in the quality checking and realized the requirements of technical details.


Since the establishment of industrial group, in order to build an active platform, we used various methods of video, telephone, lectures, workshops, and other forms, organizing member enterprises to carry out the technical and business cooperation discussion. Through the integration of member enterprises’ resource advantages and implement the synergistic effects, it aims to provide a strong support and guarantee for the overall development of industry group. 

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