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The Announcement of 2014 Nationa Railway Industry Outstanding List of QC Groups

时间:2014/11/27 10:53:57 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

China Railway Enterprise Management Association [2014] No. 14 official document has announced the 2014 national quality trustworthy team, national and railway industry outstanding list of QC group. Seven QC teams of CRM company had  achieved prominent performance, good economic benefit, technical benefit and social benefit; hence they were being named the National Railway Industry Outstanding QC Groups:


1.      China Railway Material Technological Company QC Team


2.      CRM Beijing Company Shanqiao Branch QC Team


3.      CRM Beijing Company Hangui QC Team


4.     CRM Chengdu Company Pangang Branch QC Team


5.      CRM Wuhan Company QC Team


6.      CRM Anhui Tiepeng QC Team


7.      CRM Liuzhou Logistics Company QC Team

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