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The subordinate company dynamic
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Anhui Tiepeng cement company held news writing training course

时间:2014/11/27 17:07:22 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In order to improve employees' news writing skills and contribute to the company’s propaganda work, on November 1st, Anhui Tiepeng cement company employees union held news writing training course, more than fifty news writing fans from each branch company attended the training.


The training course focused on combining theory with practice, adopting centralism teaching field and field trips; additionally the training invited contract photographers from Xinhua News agency, People Picture, journalist from Xinan Evening News in Chaohu to have the lectures for students. Based on his practical experience and examples, Jin Xueyong illustrated with the principles of news values, news writing skills and how to cultivate the news sensitivity, using the simple explanation to deepen the basic knowledge of written communication and writing skills, in-depth analysis and vivid comments help improve mastering and understanding of news written. After the teaching, all the participants cheerfully went to Chaohu tulip highland for field trips.


In the following discussion, it was generally to believe that the training time was limited, but the harvest was very big. They had learned practical news writing skills and strengthened the communication with news writing lovers; in addition, they said they would apply the knowledge in practice as soon as possible, making efforts for the company enterprise culture construction to build good public opinion atmosphere.

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