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China Railway Materials Industry group vsited Maanshan Steel Wheel company

时间:2014/12/23 11:18:31 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On December 4th, China Railway Materials Industry group chairman and party secretary Ni Lingliang visited Mananshan steel limited corporation wheel company main company leaders and directors of marketing department accompanied the investigation.


The investigating group had a in-depth discussion with leaders from Maanshan steel wheel company about the railway project developing situation and the current market condition of high speed train fittings. Chairman Ni introduced the establishing  background, company situation and vision of industry group, he also pointed out that industry group will utilize their advantages of resources integration and coordinated management to promote the dual strategies of researching and marketing development strategy. Relying on the railway comprehensive service chain, CRM industry group aims to occupy the leading position in domestic railway line equipment, railway line maintenance equipment and related product manufacturing market. Party secretary of Mananshan steel wheel company An Tao expressed welcome to the visit of CRM industry group; in addition, he introduced the developing history of company, also referred to the recent acquisition of the French company; he described the relevant situation of high speed railway wheel market and the significance for Maanshan Steel company acquiring the axle business.


CRM industry group delegation visited the fifty-year retrospective exhibition of Chinese rolling steel wheels and the manufacturing base of Maanshan steel wheel company; moreover, they listened to the introduction of wheels product category, production technology and current situation of the development and market analysis of the wheel industry. Through the face-to-face in-depth communication, the delegation group has formed an intuitive understanding of the developing history and market situation of the wheel industry.


Since the establishment of CRM Industry group, leaders of industry group continuously strengthen the study and research of railway industry products, visiting advanced industry enterprises and actively absorb the developing experience of railway equipment business, it plays an important role for the future development of new projects, adapt to market changes and update the development idea, develop new strategies.

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