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CRM industry group organized employees' professional skills training meeting

时间:2014/12/24 11:21:58 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On December 19th, CRM industry group organized employees’ professional skills training, which aims to improve employees’ ability in using OA office software, document processing, business etiquette, financial regulations, labor employment and so on. Main leaders attended in the opening ceremony.


In the opening ceremony, CRM industry group chairman Ni Lingliang made an opening speech, which introduced the government preferential policies, the production and business operation performance, food warehousing logistics, project construction, railway products project development, land development, staff team construction, operation result of the organizational system and rules, group control, etc. Through the effective integration of resources and synergistic effect, promoting the enterprise image and cultivate the enterprise strength; moreover, the industry group achieved remarkable results in bank credit, high-end talent attraction, local government support and so on. In terms of the organization construction and personnel training, chairman Ni put forward the idea of establishing an open,  learning, pragmatic and innovative organization; it is significant to cultivate the learning, open, pragmatic and innovative talents as well. We should set China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group as an example and strive for making industry group to be a lean, efficient and modern enterprise group.


In the end of the opening ceremony, chairman Ni put forward some requirements to all the employees, especially to young employees: firstly is to grasp training opportunities and improve ability, strive to become all-round talents; secondly is to cherish this platform, through innovation and creation, using results to prove their worth; thirdly is to make full use of various channels to strengthen communication, so that forming a united, harmonious, friendly and struggling family.


This professional skill training was the first-time training in industry group, which would hold for two days. It utilized various forms, such as lectures, video tutorials, seminars, professional business communication, answering questions to establish a good study and communication platform for industry group, which was good for forming harmonious learning atmosphere, establishing positive, lifelong learning opinion; in the future, industry group will continually utilize variety of channels, through the celebrity lectures, outdoor developing activities to improve training efficiency, which lays a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of industry group.


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