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Chairman Ni Lingliang attended the opening ceremony of Zhenlai grain logistic project

时间:2015/1/12 8:45:37 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On December 26th, China Railway Materials joint-stock company and China Grain Reserve Management Company (hereinafter referred to as the "CGRM") held the opening ceremony of a new cooperated grain logistics project in Zhenlai company. Leaders and guests attended the ceremony have visited the new storage 130000 tons of grain warehouses and witnessed the producing process of grain into the open field.


CRM joint-stock company executive director, President Shen Zhaojun and CGRM party member, deputy general manager Xu Gaofeng attended the ceremony and delivered opening speeches. Baicheng city vice mayor Zhang Guohua, CRM joint-stock company vice President Dong Shaozhuang, CGRM Jilin branch company general manager Wang Feng and other relevant parties participated in the ceremony. Town of Zhenlai county government leaders, the contractors leaders, CRM industry group related departmental directors and all the working staff of Zhenlai anti-corrosion company attended the ceremony. The opening was held by CRM joint-stock company deputy chief economist and industry group chairman, party secretary Ni Lingliang.


Zhenlai anticorrosion company general manager Dang Bin firstly delivered a speech, he expressed sincere thanks to the support from all the leaders and local government; secondly, he said in the next-phase, he would strengthen management, standardize operation, make contribution to building a large modern grain logistics enterprises with a set of complete functions, first-class warehousing logistics.

Deputy general manager of CGRM company Xu Gaofeng expressed his congratulations to the establishment of Zhenlai grain logistic project as well. He said there existed the demand of cooperation in the field of grain circulation between the CRM and CGR; he was willing to utilize two parties’ advantages, continuing to deepen the cooperation and service for the national macroeconomic regulation and control, giving support to local construction, implementing preferential policies to  help farmers and making greater contributions to the development of agriculture.


President of CRM joint-stock company Shen Zhaojun introduced the company information of CRM and CGRM to all the guests. In his speech, he said that it had great significance for this project to have such great progress in the first year of its establishment . Successful cooperation of two sides promoted the complementary advantages of CRM and CGRM. On the one hand, it is beneficial to enrich the grain storage in optimization of distribution network and drive the local economic development; on the other hand, it is beneficial to enrich then business structure of CRM, as well as the transformation of Zhenlai company. President Shen delivered his sincere hope that all parties by today's cooperation stage results as a starting point, based on the principle of win-win and common development, it is committed to making the project a model example in the state and local cooperation, as well as in the transformation and upgrading of the traditional state-owned enterprises; a model of the effective development of state-owned assets; so that providing better service to the social and economic development.

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