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The subordinate company dynamic
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Pinggui company held a symposium in the end of 2014

时间:2015/1/13 10:34:51 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On December 30th, Pingdingshan rail bearing company organized a symposium, which aimed to review the annual performance in 2014 and put forward the next-phase developing ideas. Main leaders and party branch secretaries attended the meeting; the meeting shall be presided over by manger Qin Jianjun.


During the meeting, general manager Qin Jianjun briefly summarized Pingdingshan  company working performance from eight aspects: first of all, it revised and improved the company's rules and regulation system; secondly it adjusted and exchanged the institution and the middle part of the company; the third one is successfully complete the party's mass line education practice activities; fourthly is production license auditing has been identified; fifthly, the branch factory has gained the acceptance concerned of safety production; sixthly, it was the tap water renovation project has been established and it was in progress; seventhly was the company's full swing sleeper production line optimization programs; Eighthly, it had carried out the investigation of on-site production rail pillow in southwest regions, which laid a good foundation for next-year development. At the same time, he pointed out the problems and disadvantages existing in the company. In terms of the current situation, it analyzed current strategies through the national level, corporation and industry group level; in 2015, it is essential to pay special attention to the cost control, work style, system implementation, strengthen the marketing, speed up the implementation of tap water renovation project, speed up the step of “going out” and technological innovation.


Subsequently, participants has expressed their opinions and discussed their working performance, combining with the reality of this department; they carefully reviewed the completion of each work mission in 2014 and analyzed the existing problems and disadvantages; moreover, it put forward new working ideas and suggestions in 2015.


In the end, the company party committee secretary Huang made a concluding speech, he affirmed the success and achievement of this symposium; to improve the mutual understanding, mutual effect, symposium desired purpose. Secretary Huang put emphasis on improving the ideological understanding under the new situation; it was important to fully understand the idea of “four new normal”, which refers to the new normal social and economic development, adapt to the market, strive for to go out; secondly, it is necessary to realize the comprehensively deepening the reform and development of the new normal, strengthen the management and technical innovation, strive to transform traditional industries, the development of new technology, new product development; thirdly, it is necessary to realize the new normal is a comprehensive understanding to promote the rule of law, strictly enforce rules and regulations, never do any illegal disciplinary violations; fourthly was the new normal deepen understanding of the governing party, although the party's mass line education practice activities came to an end, the attitude construction was always on the way, we need to keep on going and keep in mind.

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