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CRM industry group organized 2015 working discussion meeting

时间:2015/1/16 16:56:41 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On January 11th, CRM industry group held 2015 working issues discussion meeting, industry group company leaders, department directors and member companies’ general managers, secretary of the party committee attended the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by industry group general manager Zu Dengyun.


During the meeting, every member companies made a special speech, they reviewed their key work in 2014 and reported future working plans, difficulties and problems; besides, they put forward a series of constructive suggestions and comments about  the industry group’s future development. Participants had a warming discussion about innovation development, transformation and upgrading, business targets, project development, basic management; they made recommendations for solving the actual problems in member companies. The meeting was not ended until 8 o 'clock in the evening and obtained remarkable achievements through the discussion, which laid a foundation for further clarification of the industry group annual work.


In terms of six member companies’ key work, manager Zu Dengyun put forward his opinions and requirements. The first one is insisting on permanent basis for standard, increasing earnings and practicing economy to ensure the complement of annual business targets. The second one is to attach great importance to production safety work, daily safety management work. Thirdly is to carry out positive transformation and diversified development under the group's strategic framework; fourthly is to further emancipate the mind, renew the idea, implement system innovation and management innovation.


Industry group chairman Ni Lingliang made the summary speech, he reviewed member companies’ key work, analyzed the current national macro economy, the railway developing situation and the performance of CRM joint-stock company; based on the discussion, he put forward six points of suggestions: the first one is to emancipate the mind, face the difficulty, carry out the reform and innovation, try our best to solve the companies’ problems; secondly is to strengthen the enterprise leadership construction, choose the intelligent and diligent manage teams, introducing competition mechanism and strengthening the cadre exchanges, promote team tenure. Thirdly is to promote reforming and deepening the system reforming of member companies; promote the institutional restructuring, innovative leadership performance appraisal system, innovative leadership salary allocation mechanism, insist on performance pay system. Fourthly is to try best to ensure the complement of the economic indicators. Fifthly is accelerating the project development, carrying out the strategy of “ going out”, implementing the upgrading; finally, strengthen the communication across channels, ensure the efficient and orderly communications.

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