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Vice president Wang Cai and legal counselor Tian Xinsheng investegated work in CRM industry group

时间:2015/2/3 13:56:35 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

From January 19th to 20th, vice president of CRM joint-stock company Wang Cai and legal counselor Tian Xinsheng have investigated work in CRM industry group and express sympathy and solicitude for employees living in the poor.

In the afternoon of 19th January, vice President Wang Cai went to Anhui Tiepeng company and expressed sympathy and solicitude for employees living in the poor.

She went to employees Yang Maolin and Hong Xuelian’s house and talked about their family situation, disease diagnosis and treatment; besides, she encouraged them to hold positive and optimistic attitudes to temporary difficulties. It was believed that the CRM company would gave support to them and helped them survive in this big family. President Wang sent greetings and wishes to all the visited employees and houses. She required Anhui Tiepeng company to be responsible for the employees living in the poor and diseases, ensured all the employees could have a safe, peaceful and happy Spring Festival.


Afterwards vice president Wang and legal counselor Tian researched Anhui Tiepeng company cement and clinker production line. They listened to the company’s production and business development in recent years. During the meeting, they listened to details about the overdue assets clean situation and put forward some suggestions.


Vice president Wang put forward five requirements in terms of Anhui tiepeng cement company’s further development: first of all, it was required to further strengthen the core business, enhance the contribution of industrial sectors; secondly is to choose the right project, with a good policy, promoting the status of manufacturing enterprises, play a role of Anhui tiepeng cement company system modeling talent; thirdly is to strictly control the operating risk, fully embody the characteristics of industrial enterprises in the market steady; Fourthly is to further strengthen internal management, reduce production cost, improve enterprise competitiveness; Fifthly is to pay special attention to the safety in production work, adhere to the leading cadres shift system, carry out the classification of safe production responsibility system, to ensure the production of safety.

In the morning of 20th January, vice president Wang and legal counselor went to the CRM industry group headquarters and guided work. They listened to the working reports of chairman Ni Lingliang’s working reports about the production and business operation, group control, project development, and future work ideas, etc. They fully affirmed the working performance of CRM industry group since its establishment and put forward requirements for next-step development. They hoped industry group could make breakthrough in the railway industry project and substantive progress on the project in 2015.

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