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The subordinate company dynamic
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Zhenlai company held 7th workers congress

时间:2015/2/10 10:06:23 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On January 29th, Zhenlai company held seventh of the nine staff meeting dual culture commendation congress, employees' representatives, grassroots forman, marketing salesman totally 34 people attended the meeting.


In the meetingall the employees listened to the administrative work report made by, deputy general manager Dang Bin2015 training plan report made by deputy manager Shang Limingreport of 2014 business entertainment usage made by director of the office Bao Xiaoxin and the report of anti-corrosion company collective contract made by Qu Zhaojun.  After careful discussion, all the delegates unanimously passed the four reports.


In the afternoon, the company leadership team members made statement of working reports; worker representatives had a series of democratic evaluations on the main leaders and departmental directors. In the meeting it gave commendation to the year 2014 of advanced unit and advanced individuals. General manager Dang Bin has signed the collective contract with the trade union chairman Qu Zhaojun, which ensured the responsibility of security, fire prevention, defend, and style of the cultivation of clean government responsibility.


Party secretary Guo Qingtao made the meeting summary, he required the good publicity of each departmentgood implement the conference spirit and be adhere to the "three guarantees": Firstly is to ensure that the meeting spirit to get publicity and implement. All departments to propaganda in place, the essence of the meeting to keep meeting spirit deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Secondly it is to ensure the meeting spirit to be able to put in place. All departments should combine working practice, based on the post, self-compression, dare to overcome, practical spirit and the meeting requirements into specific work. Thirdly is to guarantee the meeting from spirit. All the employees were required to take the meeting as an opportunity, unifying thought and understandingstrengthen the will power to promote the development of the company further transformed attitudes implement the executive forces for the development of the company gathering positive energycreate new atmosphere and situation innovate working performances and create a brighter future for the company

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