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CRM industry group held 2015 working meeting

时间:2015/2/11 16:13:23 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

From February 5th to 6th, CRM industry group held 2015 working meeting in its headquarter Hefei. The meeting conveyed the spirit of CRM joint-stock company 2015 working meeting, the Party committee session of the fourteenth session, the seventh worker congress and anti-corruption construction work conference, it concluded industry group’s working performance, analyzed current situation, exchanged working experience in 2014 and deployed 2015 work arrangement, clearly put forward industry group's business objectives, main tasks, working direction and overall requirements in 2015.

CRM industry group’s directors, supervisors, main leaders, departmental directors and subordinated enterprises party secretary and discipline inspection commission secretary, chief accountant took part in the meeting. Subordinated enterprises’ leadership team members and part of the middle-level leaders took part in the vieo meeting.


At the conference, the manager of CRM industry group Zu Dengyun presented administrative report, he concluded the progress of industry group’s working performance, strategic planning, team building and project development. He also analyzed the current situation and difficulties we are facing, points out the existing problems of the subordinated enterprises. He proposed the goal of "achieving one objective, completes two tasks"; he clarified the overall requirements of adhering to a common thread, improving the capacity and making breakthroughs" in 2015. He put forward the general requirements, which refers to insisting on reform and innovation as the main line, making new progress on improving the capacity and effects of managing subordinated enterprises, business transformation and organizational profits. At the meeting, it has deployed six tasks in 2015.


At the conference, CRM industry group chairman, party secretary Ni Lingliang made the speech titled "emancipating the mind, firming the confidence, deepening the reform, striving for the realization of industry group’s strategic target”. It comprehensively summed up the effectiveness and efficiency of industry group’s harvest in 2014, analyzed and judged the current macro and micro situation, the next-step strategic planning of the group in 2015; based on the board of directors, party committee’s request, he put forward six points of requirements: firstly, in accordance with the legal rules governing subordinated enterprises, promote group control level in an all-round way. Secondly, further emancipate the mind, reform and development direction. Thirdly, set the focus of production and business operation, trying to achieve business objectives. Fourthly, strengthen party building, ideological and political work, playing the role of party organizations and political core. Fifthly, strengthen the movement and the enterprise culture construction, to create a better atmosphere for development. Sixthly, strengthening the team building of leaders, proving the basis of group’s reforming and development.


According to the CRM joint-stock company’s work conference spirit, based on the speeches made by industry group chairman, party secretary and administrative work report, combined with the development strategy and annual target tasks, participants have had a warming group discussion; which result in several valuable opinions and suggestions. The meeting has arranged the main leaders in industry group made the reports on recommending the reserve cadres, soliciting opinions from the performance appraisal and compensation plan, etc. During the meeting, people from Tiepeng cement company introduced their working experience and Zhenlai company introduced the transformation of developing experience.

Chairman and party secretary Ni Lingliang made the summing-up speech, he conveyed the joint-stock company vice president Dong Shaozhuang’s expectation of industry group, implemented and realized the conference spirit and put forward three requirements. Firstly is to conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, according to the proposed "12366" overall deployment of work, namely: the innovation has been a common thread hold, promoting group control and subordinated enterprises’ profitability, implementation projects fall to the ground, business transformation, subordinated enterprises’ breakthroughs, completing the working reports and put forward six tasks, complete six key tasks. Secondly, we must govern, have the courage to bear, leading cadres play an exemplary role, to reform, and promote development by innovation, dare to face difficult problems, continue to face difficult problems, solve the difficulties and problems in the development. Thirdly we need to build up confidence and try best to complete goals in 2015, making contribution to the transformation of industry groups.

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