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CRM industry group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Faiveley Group

时间:2015/4/10 17:09:09 澳门新葡亰平台官网:


On April 8th, China Railway Materials Industry group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CRM industry group) and Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hefei government. Mayor of Hefei Zhang Qingjun, government secretary Yang Wei, director of development zone management committee Yao Weidong, Hefei office leadership, industry group chairman Ni Lingliang, executive manager Zu Dengyun, president of Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) He Jun, director of sales Zhan Ping and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Chairman of CRM industry group Ni Lingliang and president of Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) He Jun on behalf of both parties signed the strategic agreement.


According to the cooperation agreement, two sides will build a strategic cooperation platform based on the principles of mutual benefits, long-term cooperation and common development, to boast huge market base in Hefei, set the high speed trains components, metro light rail, etc as the breakthrough points, broadening the channels of cooperation and building the railway equipment industrial park in Hefei.


Before the signing ceremony, chairman Ni Lingliang and manager Zu Dengyun accompanied He Jun from Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) to investigate the primary elected project location in Hefei economic and technology development area.  Afterwards, they had a meeting with mayor of Hefei Zhang Qingjun in Hefei municipal government. During the meeting, mayor Zhang said, currently Hefei is active in establishing a comprehensive national transportation hub. With the accelerating of forming Hefei inter-city high-speed railway network, combined with rail transit construction, the development of rail transit industry is exploring broader market space. Hefei government has been vigorously support the development of China railway materials industry group. The cooperation between Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) and CRM industry group will speed up the development of rail transportation equipment industry; furthermore, it is glad for us to see increasing rail transit enterprises to establish project in Hefei, which makes the rail transit industry become stronger.

On April 7th, CRM industry group leaders had a meeting with Faiveley Transport Metro Group (China) president He Jun. They had a friendly talk during the meeting, chairman Ni Lingliang introduced the general situation, business network, scope and strategic positioning of CRM group; he focus on introducing the basic situation, operation performance and strategies of industry group. President He Jun of Faiveley Group introduced the company history, products and the development strategies. He expressed the wish to seek wider opportunities for the two parties to cooperate, through the communication; they reached a consensus on a wide range of cooperation.


Faiveley Transport Metro Group is headquartered in France and it was founded in 1919, which mainly produces a variety of key equipments for the use of rail transit, such as brake, coupler, pantograph and platform door, air conditioning, door, etc; it occupies a leading position all over the world and its products are being widely used in Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier and AnsaldoBreda, DB, SNCF and other world’s leading system integrators and operator of the vehicle products and services. Faiveley Transport Metro group has nearly one century history in producing railway product and it is the pioneer of producing rail transit products within the European and even in the world.

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