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CRM industry group held the first quarter‘s economic activity analysis meeting

时间:2015/5/5 17:37:28 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On April 28th, CRM industry group held the first quarter’s economic activity analysis meeting in Hefei, which conveys the spirit of CRM joint-stock company’s first quarter economic activities analysis meeting. It summarized industry group’s producing and operating performance in the first quarter, analyzed the current economic situation, deployed significant tasks in the second quarter. CRM industry group leaders and departmental directors in charge, member enterprises’ general manager, secretary of the party committee, the chief accountant attended the meeting. Other group members and departmental directors participated the meeting through video conference.


During the meeting, CRM industry group chief accountant Hu Chuntang analyzed the overall producing performances and reviewed member enterprises’ operating conditions. Combined with current operating conditions, Hu made six aspects of arrangement for next-phase working.


CRM industry group general manager Zu Dengyun made summarizing speech of industry group’s work in the first quarter, he analyzed current developing situation and deployed key work in next phase: first of all, it was determined to achieve the operating  goal, completed two tasks, so that increasing operating profits; the second one is to actively promote the restructuring of labor, personnel and distribution systems in the second quarter, completed in the third quarter; the third one is to concentrate on developing new projects, to commence the construction of industry park as a fulcrum of development, setting up s wholly new railway project with incremental value as soon as possible; fourthly is to maintain effective business management, strengthening the group control; fifthly is to be make full contribution to  carrying actions.


CRM industry group chairman, party secretary Ni Lingliang made an important speech at the meeting. Chairman Ni conveyed the spirit of joint-stock company’s first-quarter economic activity analysis, requested to earnestly implement president Shen and chairman Lin’s speech spirit. Chairman Ni summarized industry group’s performance in the first quarter and pointed out the advantages and shortages; besides, he analyzed the current situation of industry group through the macro environments of industrial enterprises, manufacturing enterprises and railway material enterprises.  Finally, he put forward requirements in the next phase: firstly, has the courage to bear, dare to try brave practice and active exploration for the reform of joint-stock company. It is highly encouraged for member enterprises to actively explore, efforts to adapt to the group control of industrial group. Overcome difficulties and free our mind to accelerate the reform of labor, personnel and distribution systems; hence, solving the problem of extra high cost of labor force; the second one is to strengthen project development, transformation and upgrading, making efforts to achieve the new economic growth point. Accelerating the developing process of Yunnan Chuxiong project, trying to complete the project development within this year; utilizing the modular technology, standardized management and the "four modernizations" requirements; To complete the second phase construction work of Zhenlai grain storage project; setting up the headquarters base and residential supporting project implementation; railway equipment projects fall to the ground as soon as possible. Thirdly, we need to intensify invalid asset disposal and off. Reprocessing assets through combing, implementing Yingtan anti-corrosion company land disposal. Fourthly, we need to seize the key pieces of work, making efforts to achieve the goal of "double half". To continue to strengthen the focus and management on Tiepeng cement company; fifthly it is necessary to carry out the standard management, strengthen the authors work efficiency; To innovate working, forward thinking and take action in advance; Fifthly is to strengthen party building, ideological and political work of party, so that building a clean government for the reform and development.

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