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Vice governor of Jilin province Sui Zhongcheng investigated and guided Zhenlai company

时间:2015/5/5 17:39:39 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On April 28th, vice governor of Jilin province Sui Zhongcheng investigated and guided Zhenlai company’s grain storage and logistics work, the mayor of Baicheng city government An Guiwu, leaders from Zhenlai party committee government, a total of  thirty people attended the research.


Vice governor Sui Zhongcheng investigated the grain storage site of CRM Zhenlai company, listened to the general manager Dang Bin’s introduction about the business strategy and transformation situation; moreover, he put emphasis on reporting grain storage logistics issue of project operation and future development plan.


Vice governor Sui Zhongcheng gave full affirmation on Zhenlai company’s actions of holding the national policy, actively cooperated with Jilin province agriculture industrialization development direction, efficient carry out the grain purchase and inventory management, making efforts to promote enterprise transformation. He pointed out that Zhenlai company has the advantage of cooperation with China Oil and Food Import and Export Corporation; it has its own site and private asset advantage; with the advantage of rich regional commodity grain stocks and railway background advantage, it should play a leading role as an Chinese central enterprise in local economy. In next step, the company should actively explore the grain trade and food processing business, extend the industrial chain. The local government will offer better service for central enterprises who standardize management and strengthen its ability to resist risk, gave strong support for the enterprise development; in order to build a grain storage, logistics and processing park which covers the area of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang province; hence, make actively contribution to the development of agricultural industrialization and local economy.

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