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Yingtan anti-corrosion company held a focused meeting to learn the spirit of "safety production law" training meeting

时间:2015/5/6 17:38:37 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In the morning of April 16th, Yingtan anti-corrosion company held a focused meeting, earnestly convey the spirit of CRM joint-stock company "safety production law" mental training meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by deputy general manager Fan Liangsen, the company safety production committee members and middle-level cadre, a total of twenty-five people attended the meeting.


During the meeting, the minister of security agency Yan Hu delivered the joint-stock company vice President Wang Cai's important speech spirit on the training seminar, vice president Fan and Minister Yan communicated their own learning experience, harvest and perception to the participants. Subsequently, deputy general manager Fan Liangsen made a specific deployment on safety inspection work of the company.


In the end of the meeting, general manager She Qiuming put forward specific requirements on the safety working: first one is that all departments should pay special attention on safe work and it was necessary to organize the department personnel earn the rules of new "safety production law". Secondly it is emergent to solve the safety problems hidden in the check, personnel shall not contravene a variety of reasons, shuffle, rectification within a prescribed period of time. Thirdly is to pay special attention to the safety production training education work, improve safety consciousness, and ensure the production safety. Fourthly is to improve production safety management system construction, actively adapt to the new "safety production law" requirements.

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