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Pingdingshan company pass through the ISO9000 quality management system audit

时间:2015/5/7 14:42:53 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

From April 18th to April 21st, Chinese certification center co., LTD., team conducted supervision and audit of quality system in the headquarter of Pindingshan company and the Hohhot branch comapny.


On April 18th, China certification center co., LTD., team conducted a process-based auditing in Hohhot branch; from April 20th to 21st, CRB assessment team has launched a two-day supervision and audit of quality system ISO9000 in the headquarter. Company have been audited include the sleeper factory, labor service company in Jinchang product factory and machinery company, technology department, human resource department, quality department, production department and other units and departments. Through a series of strict audit and communication, the auditing team understood the company’s operation situation of the quality system; gave full affirmation on the effective operation of the quality system, simultaneously they put forward some valuable opinions and suggestions on the existing problems.


On April 21st, Pindingshan company held a review meeting, the monitor audit team made an announcement of the auditing conclusion: the quality system has been run effectively in the company (including the Hohhot branch), the quality management system was passed by the supervision and audit. At the same time, they proposed two unqualified item and eight observation items. CRB assessment teams hoped the company could make continuous improvement in the future work, adapt to the new situation, constantly improve the quality of work, realize the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

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