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The subordinate company dynamic
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Anhui Tiepeng cement company held a photography exhibition

时间:2015/5/8 11:31:31 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

From April 27th to 28th,Anhui Tiepeng cement company labor union held a two-day photography exhibition, which obtained consistent high praise by the staff of the company.


The theme of this exhibition is to show and praise Tiepeng employees’ happy life. About eighty photos were selected from nearly two hundred pieces of works and all of them were taken by the working staff. They focus on the life in Tiepeng company using their unique perception to reflect the general working life and organizational culture in the warm, harmonious and new atmosphere, as well as the new image of the company


The success of the photography exhibition, further enrich the amateur cultural life, lead the employees to take an active part in the exhibition and create a good image of better life. .

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