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The subordinate company dynamic
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Anhui Tiepeng cement company held an educational commendation meeting

时间:2015/5/15 16:44:44 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In the afternoon of May 4th, Anhui Tiepeng cement company held an educational commendation meeting to praise the Youths of the May Fourth Era. Company secretary of the party committee Pan Zhengjun and youth representatives attended the meeting.

During the meeting, secretary of youth league committee Xiao Peipei communicated the content of CRM joint stock company’s "May 4th" commendation congress and Party secretary Lin Wanli’s speech; at the same time, he cited the company advanced league branch, outstanding cadres, outstanding league members and young station expert, advanced collective and recognition of the outstanding individual.


On behalf of the whole company, Party committee secretary Pan Zhengjun congratulated on the advanced groups and outstanding individual; besides, he put forward three pieces of requirements: the first one was hoping the youth to strengthen learning and got succeed in their growing way; the second one was hoping the youth league dare to dream; the third one was hoping that the youth league be hardworking and keep working.


According to the current situation of the internal and external environment,  Party secretary Pan put forward three points of requirements based on opportunities and challenges faced by companies: the first one was to clarify the importance of learning, young people shall actively participate in the company’s activities; Secondly, they shall pay attention to the effectiveness of training and constantly improve their own quality; Thirdly, they shall further strengthen confidence and take concrete actions to show as in the development of the company.

Anhui Tiepeng company organized the department of party work, department of planning and development, department of cost control and the department of human resources to implement training on the knowledge of group lesson knowledge, the company development strategy implementation situation, the authors special work efficiency, human resources. The training strengthened the ideal faith education, further understanding opportunity and challenge. Working staff were encouraged to work hard, to be technical, business backbone, contributed their own strength for the company development.

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