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The subordinate company dynamic
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Taiyuan sleeper company held the first quarter economic activity analysis meeting

时间:2015/5/18 11:44:58 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On May 11th, CRM industry group Taiyuan sleeper company held the first quarter economic activity analysis meeting, company leadership team members and the middle management staff attended the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by general manager Sun Ganfeng.


During the meeting, the company's chief accountant Zhen Gang analyzed the first quarter’s production and operation situation; through the data comparison, he pointed out the existing problems and deficiencies; therefore, he required that the company must establish the consciousness of austerity, strictly carry out the annual budget, increase the source of income and reduce expenditure.


Combined with CRM joint-stock company and industry group’s economic activity analysis meeting spirit in the first quarter, he illustrated the situation of economic operation in first quarter and deployed the second quarter’s work: firstly, all the working staff shall work together to make full management work; secondly was to promote the processes of work; thirdly was to quickly carry out the reform of labor, distribution and human resource systems; fourthly was concentrated on the prior working; fifthly was increasingthe source of income and reducing expenditure; sixthly, working with confidence, lead consciousness, forward thinking and creativity. Furthermore, he said that all the management employees shall work effectively and put in charge of the work, making contribution to the development of the company.


Finally, secretary of the party committee He Jiansheng put forward further requirements on the spirit of economic activity analysis meeting: first of all, it was required to strengthen the propaganda guidance, firmly develop confidence; secondly, was to keep up with market demand, expand the operation and effect; thirdly was to improve management, pays special attention to the authors efficiency; fourthly is to practice the “three rules of deciplines” and continue to change the working style. 

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