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Lin Wanli met Qiqihar municipal party committee secretary Han Dongyan

时间:2015/5/25 9:43:51 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

 On May 8th, CRM joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Lin Wanli met Qiqihar municipal party committee secretary Han Dongyan. CRM joint-stock company President assistant Tu Jianping and relevant departmental directors attended the meeting.


During the meeting, secretary Han Dongyan said, Qiqihar is nearby Russia, which has a significant location in the national strategy “one belt and one road”. Qiqihar possess with the advantages such as good industrial foundation, comparatively low labor cost and great potential for development. Recently, Qiqihar city government attaches great importance to the logistics industry development, hoped to strengthen the cooperation with CRM in terms of the logistics industry. We would like to take this opportunity to play the role of Qiqihar and make good contribution to the good strategic development in northeast China.


Chairman Lin said, as a major trade and logistics enterprise, China Railway Material is relying on the railway industry comprehensive service, utilizing bulk goods trade and other traditional advantages to complete the transformation of being a productive services group. CRM company has always regarded the northeast China as a key target market, we hoped to strengthen mutual communication, explore cooperation opportunities, expand areas of cooperation and jointly contribute to the revitalization of northeast old industrial base.


President assistant TuJianPing introduced the company logistics sector development situation and the distribution of logistics resource and network layout planning.

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