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CRM joint-stock company Complaints office obtained the honorable title of outstanding unit

时间:2015/6/1 9:02:54 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In recent days, the party committee of State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) issued on the recognition of the central enterprises to maintain a stable work advanced collective petition work advanced collective and individual decision "of the governing party committee), granted stock company petition offices" complaint reporting handling office of central enterprises advanced collective "honorary title, awarded to Chengdu company at the same time the dismissal", director of the "central enterprises excellent petition offices, east China group Zhu Qiuguo" central enterprises excellent reporting worker "title of honor.

In recent years, with the leadership of party committee of CRM joint-stock company and the strong support and guidance of SASAC, each complaints office earnestly implement the spirit of the third plenary session of 18th Party Congress, in the spirit of reform and the rule of law to drive the process of restructuring and reform, grasp system, prevention and disposal, put an end to the relax, hold on the responsibility and the problems, ensure the efficiency of complaints issues, making positive contribution to maintaining enterprise stability

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