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The subordinate company dynamic
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CRM industry group Zhenlai company pass through the examination and acceptance of grain storage

时间:2015/6/3 10:30:40 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On May 26th, leaders from China Grain Reserves Corporation of Jilin branch,Agricultural Development Bank of Jilin branch, grain bureau of Jilin province and Zhenlai, a total of twelve people came to investigate CRM Zhenlai company's acquisition of grain storage in 2014 for the spring joint inspection acceptance, Zhenlai company’s main leaders accompanied the acceptance inspection.


Expert groups firstly listened to business report of grain purchasing and basic situation of the construction of phase ii in 2015. Subsequently, they examined on the spot and looked at the #2, #4 and #5 three bungalows grain storage warehouses. They allocated strict inspection, focus from food quality, quantity, statistics accounting, basic data, subsidies, security and fire control, etc. Expert groups gave full affirmation on Zhenlai company’s achievement of grain purchasing work. For illustration, firstly, it was hard-owned for the company accomplished the task of 72000 tons of grain storage in a relatively short time; Secondly, the company’s facilities were fully functional, which was conformed to the requirements of the national grain storage; thirdly, Zhenlai company possessed with the standard basic management, clear accounts and positive work. The next step was to increase the intensity of food preservation, implement strict operation standard to ensure food security.


Zhenlai company manager Dang Bin said, the company would earnestly implement the expert group’s instructions, completed the monitoring of grain situation, trying to do a good job in food security and play a leading role as a state-owned central enterprise.


Zhenlai company’s first phase of the grain logistics project construction has obtained national fiscal position subsidies. In this year’s second phase of construction preparation, the company took multilateral coordination as early as possible; besides, it has won the national fiscal subsidies and provided important economic support for business transformation.

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