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CRM joint-stock company research group came to investigate industry groups's work

时间:2015/6/5 9:28:03 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

From May 25th to 26th, CRM joint-stock company minister of legal affairs department Zhang Hongyan, vice minister Song Dongzhen, minister of information management department Zheng Jiaji, Tang Jiangwu, vice minister of operation safety management department Xing Jidong etc, came to industry group to guide the system construction, contract management and information system operation.


During the research symposium, chairman of industry group Ni Lingliang made a brief introduction, which described industry group’s innovation and practice in terms of control idea, control mode, management system design, the group corporation system funds and contract system control mode. Department ministers of industry group also reported their system construction, contract management and contract system usage. Joint-stock research group fully affirmed industry group’s achievement on group control, system construction, contract management, information system application work innovation. They thought CRM industry group played a leading role in group innovation and it has communicated a lot with industry group staff.


During the research, research group also conducted an in-depth investigation in CRM industry group Tiepeng Cement Company, they understood the status of the actual performance of the contract management. In order to improve the management ability, the research group held seminar training focus on contract information system operation and industry group relevant employees participated in the training.  

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