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CRM industry group held specialized education "San Yan San Shi" Party lecture

时间:2015/6/8 17:06:10 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In the afternoon of June 4th, CRM industry group held specialized education "San Yan San Shi" Party lecture. Chairman and party secretary of CRM industry group Ni Lingliang made a speech on the thematic party class, executive manager and deputy party secretary Zu Dengyun chaired the meeting. Industry group leadership team members, departmental directors and all the Party members attended the Party lecture. Leaders of industry group subordinated enterprises, party branch secretary of the party and related department directors participated in the meeting through the video conference


First of all, Chairman Ni Lingliang delivered comrade Lin Wanli’s speech in joint-stock company’s "San Yan San Shi" Party lecture; then, chairman Ni began his Party lecture, he described his understanding of "San Yan San Shi" and arranged the schedule of learning Party spirit. Chairman Ni said: firstly, it was urgent to learn the meaning and significance of Party lecture education; secondly it fully understood that "San Yan San Shi" is the urgent requirement of reform and development, in the critical period of reform. During the critical transformation and upgrading periods of the industry group, through learning “San Yan San Shi” special Party education, further set up strict standards, adapting to the new normal economy, facing severe challenge; thirdly, it was required to deeply look into Party members’ existing situation, he pointed out industry group’s subordinated enterprises’ six aspects of problems; fourthly, grasp the overall requirements of implementing “San Yan San Shi”, ready to have a series of high quality special Party lectures, democratic and organizational life, paying special attention to the rectification implementation and enforcement rules" four actions, to ensure that the special education to effectively promote; Fifthly, it was to strengthen "San Yan San Shi " special education leadership, supervision and guidance, utilizing various forms of special education, further stimulate the Party member cadre's work enthusiasm, making efforts to create a new situation and development of industry group.


In terms of implementing spirit of Party lectures, Zu Dengyun put forward four points of requirements: the first one should strengthen organizational learning, deepen the understanding of secretary Ni Lingliang Party lectures spirit, unify our thoughts and actions to the joint-stock company party committee’s requirement; secondly is to earnestly implement special education various tasks, pays special attention to four aspects of key actions; thirdly, we need to further look into and address our existing problems; fourthly was to combine Party education with current developing work, actively do a good job in the production and business operation to advance labor, distribution and human resource innovation; push on the progress of new projects, strengthen executive power, grasp the implementation of the annual targets, to ensure all the accomplishment of industry group’s annual management tasks.


This Party lecture marked the beginning of industry group’s series of "San Yan San Shi" Party special education. It was required that industry groups’ subordinated enterprises to implement their schedule of “San Yan San Shi”, special education, and in accordance with its plans to launch seminars, promoting Party education.

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