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The subordinate company dynamic
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Taiyuan company passed the safety production standardization acceptance

时间:2015/6/15 11:08:20 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On June 3th and 4th, China Railway Material joint-stock company operation safety management department, vice minister Zhan Xiguang and other management standard assessment team members, totally four people came to Taiyuan sleeper company for production safety standardization acceptance standard review. After the assessment team reinspecting four units (production equipment, fire control, rules and regulations) at the scene, with detailed records of inspections, sand workshop, power plant, the transport workshop and Jinchang Company all passed the safety production standardization in 2015 standard acceptance.


During the summary meeting, the assessment team gave full affirmation on all the achievements of safety management in Taiyuan sleeper company. They also put forward improving requirements on existing problems. The assessment team leader Zhan Xiguang put forward four points of suggestions in terms of the safety work: the first one is to continue to strengthen production safety management organization construction; the second is to strictly implement the rules and regulations; thirdly is to continue to pay special attention to safety education and training work; fourthly is to maintain good facilities and improve essential safety level.


Taiyuan company general manager Sun Ganfeng expressed thanks to the assessment team hardworking. He required each unit to rectify the problems and deficiencies; at the same time, he also said it will earnestly implement the requirements for a better job of production safety management, and to the standardization of production safety standards for acceptance and safety month activities as an opportunity to further from the source to find the potential safety problems and timely rectification implementation, solid foundation to promote the safety work, continue to carry out the safety standardization construction, promote the company's safety management work to a new level, the transformation of the development for the company to create a good space for development.

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