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With specialized and collaborative operation, Middle East Railway market has big success

时间:2015/6/16 11:07:47 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

The district of Middle East is a significant area covered by the strategy of “One Belt One Road”, in recent years, there exists a great demand for railway infrastructure construction; however, due to the complex political and economic environment in the Middle East and other reasons, it is difficult to develop the business. Under the correct leadership of the joint-stock company and the unified operation of international business department, Hong Kong Trade Company began tracking railway projects in the Middle East since 2011. After making break through the project negotiations, trade settlement, many difficulties, scheduling production and deliver goods, they have signed a number of steel exporting contracts; besides, in May 2015 it has been achieving good returns.


In terms of the Railway projects in the Middle East, through the joint-stock company international business department’s integrated operation, using domestic and foreign, co-ordinated operation to form joint forces, which played an important role for successful project implementation. International business is regarded as the centre of both international business strategy control and large projects and customer development operation center, at the beginning of the project is to make the overall deployment, international group as a whole project development work, determine the overall plan, coordinate to solve important matters; Hong Kong trading company and Australian company undertake project development advancement, working with customers, factories, banks, shipping and other related parties communication negotiations; Embellish group as a platform in China, responsible for project contract and settlement. International plate main body give full play to their respective advantages, collaboration, orderly cohesion,  improve the project control and execution, expand the overall benefits, achieve the common development customers, to create high-quality market, shared business return to create multi-win-win situation.

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