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Seize the opportunity of “One Belt One Road“, promote the sleeper base construction

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Like fire in June, the entrepreneurial passion is burning. From the CRM Yunnan broad general processes of Pingdingshan sleeper project planning set the scene, there is a series of good news about project progress, on June 2nd, branch of industrial and commercial registration was completed; On June 10th, the authors in Yunnan province development and reform bureau approval for "investment project for the record card" South of the clouds, such as mu spring scenery. As the pleasant weather in Yunnan, project was promoted got off to a good start and progress smoothly.

 Making the Choice

On September 13th, 2014, the industry group concrete product business symposium was held in Hefei, vice President of CRM Dong Shaozhuang, industry group chairman Ni Lingliang, manager ZuDengYun, the preparatory group deputy head Chang Chengyi, the chief accountant Hu Chuntang, deputy general manager, vice general manager, railway construction Sun Ke and Yuan Bo, industry group, departmental directors and relevant personnel, Pingdingshan sleeper company and Taiyuan sleeper company general manager and related personnel attend the meeting, research the strategies of sleeper company.

On November 24th, Pingdingshan sleeper research team went to Kunming Chuxiong, Yunnan Dali to on-site inspected the right site and completed the preliminary market survey of local industrial raw materials.


The notice on December 5th, industry group organized Pingdingshan sleeper company's related personnel and Taiyuan Sleeper Company, held "on-site pillow workshop" in Hefei, and formulated the construction "a line of three" sleeper layout planning.

 Signing the Contract

On February 12th, 2015, CRM industrial group deputy general manager Jiang Yi led by Pingdingshan sleeper company leaders, with Yunnan local government leaders developed different levels of the negotiations. On February 14th, in the project signing ceremony in Guangtong, Manager Qin and Deputy Yang represented two parties to sign the contract.


Meet in Yunnan, hand in hand; Into the broad land, Take the advantage of strategy of "One Road One Belt", Pingdingshan Sleeper company will make a great success in Yunan .


Making Progress

Before the project construction, CRM Joint-stock company chairman Lin proposed the "four modernizations" target, industrial group also identified the project to implement the overall requirements of "four year", Pingdingshan sleeper also regarded the Guangtong pillow project as the significant task as the annual work.


According to the third level company's overall objectives and requirements, Yunnan Guangtong project headquarters elaboration and decomposition of various elements, and to stable cross the preparation group all the participants, "remember the great trust, become" requires the preparation group.


Preparing group remembered company leadership and staff's expectations, after arriving in Guangtong town, regardless of uncomfortable and difficulties, under the guidance of group leader, group members quickly entered the work state, work efficiently and actively contact with the local government, discuss the matters related to project implementation landing, making efforts to the progress of the project.


Preparing group actively visited local industry and commerce, taxation, quality control, environmental protection, development and reform commission (NDRC), the public security fire control, water, electricity, communications and other departments, actively coordinated with foreign relations, harmony and friendly cooperation relations, functions of the local delivery company investment philosophy, strive for the government functional departments of the strong support and active cooperation.


On May 30th, it has completed signing lease contract with Jiuzhuang Linye Company, which laid a good foundation for the construction group to carry out the next-step work.


On June 2nd, the company’s registration formalities have been completed, to handle the business license, and on June 5th, have made the company organization code certificate and tax registration certificate, completed the branch henceforth have its official seal.


On June 10th, it has gained development and reform commission (NDRC) "government for the record for project approval", completed the work program for the record.


Preparing group reported the environmental assessment to local government leaders and won the big support of industrial park leaders; besides, the branch company put forward the related matters of instruct report, and get government approval, for the project smoothly and ensure the progress of the removal of obstacles;


On June 11th, preparing group completed the construct of initial set of field geological exploration, provide data support for the civil engineering design and construction

In the future, the preparatory group will have more and more difficult and heavy work, but they are ready to meet these challenges, “San Yan San Shi” was the intellectual impetus of project construction.


Planning group members believed that they are not only working for the construction project, but also working for the future. Sowing for both China railway materials being a "productive service group" and industry group’s "sleeper strategic layout" seed. Pingdingshan company implement the seed of "going out" strategy. Seeding is hope, will be the future.



Pingdingshan sleeper burden construction team will carry on tasks, trials and hardships, way, beyond the self, to create the miracle, in the southwestern town of written a song singing.


In the future’s journey, Yunnan project team will keep in mind the state social responsibility, adhere to China railway materials "integrity, innovation, win-win" core values, the rail service, for the benefit of local, implementation effect, sets up the enterprise image of China railway materials company.


You reap what you sow, you reap what you sow, Pingdingshan sleeper company construction workers are working day and night, the ground is all the work goes well, in the near future, a new processes of the enterprise will be in broad sense was born in Yunnan province.


Under the guidance of national strategy “One Belt One Road”, Pingdingshan Sleeper Company’S Yunnan project is the bridgehead of industry group’s sleeper layout strategy, it will set sail in the construction of the Pan-Asian railroad horn....

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