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CRM joint-stock company chairman Lin Wanli and CEO Shen Zhaojun met with Panzhihua Steel group chairman Zhang Dade

时间:2015/6/29 11:52:39 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In the afternoon of June 10th, CRM joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Lin Wanli, executive director and CEO Shen Zhaojun met with Panzhihua Steel group chairman Zhang Dade. Two parties held friendly talks around the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, business exchanges and cooperation, etc. CRM joint-stock company party committee standing committee, the chief accountant Liao Gusheng, pangang group deputy general manager Yang Huai, member of the party committee, the chief accountant Ma Lianyong, general manager Liu Lihhui, as well as the relevant departmental directors attended the meeting.


Chairman Lin Wanli expressed warming welcome to chairman Zhang Dad’s visiting, he spoke highly of the cooperation process and introduced the transformation and upgrading of joint-stock company, including its main measures and effective progress, emphatically expounds becoming a productive services group with international standards of the strategic direction and implementation plan; furthermore, he hoped to work closely with Panzhihua Steel group, utilizing their complementary advantages and reaching a win-win cooperation.


Chaiman Zhang Dade introduced the basic situation, development ideas and management measures, he hoped the two sides would strengthen cooperation and effective docking, to create China's most excellent railway steel production and supply services.


During the talks, two party leaders had full interaction and experience sharing about enterprise internal resources integration and optimization of industrial structure transformation, innovation development, problems left over by history process, enterprise management and financial risk control, etc.

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