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The subordinate company dynamic
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Pingdingshan Sleeper company held “San Yan San Shi” Party education lessons

时间:2015/6/30 8:55:21 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On June 12th, based on the schedule of industry group, Pingdingshan Sleeper company held “San Yan San Shi” Party education lessons. Company leaders, departmental directors attended the meeting, the meeting shall be presided by manager Qin Jianjun .


During the meeting, Party secretary Huang Yousong made a speech name “Applying San Yan San Shi, promoting the working style and arranging the prior working in 2015”, he explained the meaning of Party lessons and made the arrangement from five aspects: the first one is the background and significance of “San Yan San Shi”; the second one is the meaning of “San Yan San Shi”; the third one is deeply analyzing the bad situations existing in the company; the fourth one is to arrange the Party special lesson, special lesson research, special democratic life and organizational life; the fifth one is to meet the requirements of “San Yan San Shi” Party lessons, strictly implementing the responsibility, combining the special education with the prior work, improving the effectiveness of the special education.


Manager Qin put further emphasis on organizing the Party special education: the first one is to understand the significance of “San Yan San Shi” Party education; it was required to unify thoughts and actions, meeting the requirements of CRM industry group and company Party committee, improving the consciousness of organizing special education; the second one is to implement “San Yan San Shi” arrangement, taking four critical actions to meet the high quality work; the third one is to insist on taking effects, seriously solving the problems in terms of the quality control, safety management, reform and innovation and cost control problems existing in the collection of assets, overdue to strict standards, requiring solid style to solve the problem, in each work special education achievement inspection results.


In the end, the company vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman Zhao Shuguang made arrangements in terms of the "integrity culture month" education activities; at the same time, manager Qin put forward work requirements on recent production, safety, quality, audit corrective, overdue assets, Yunnan project, three system reform emphasized.

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