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Anhui Tiepeng cement company held the "Ankang cup" knowledge competition

时间:2015/7/7 14:32:08 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

To better publicize and implement safety knowledge, to carry out the company's 2015 security requirements, to further improve the safety environmental protection consciousness, strengthen team safety construction site management level, on June 26th, Anhui Tiepeng cement company unions and security department jointly held the "Ankang cup" knowledge competition.


A total of twelve teams participated in the competition. Racing group would answer, three types of questions: required questions, preemptive questions and risking questions. Competition content covers electricity safety, traffic safety, fire safety, new production safety law, environmental law, occupational safety and health, Ankang cup, month activity related content, organizational culture  and other relevant documents, regulations, rules, which involves extensive knowledge and rich content.

After group competition, Tiehai Branch Company got 340 points and won the first prize.


The "Ankang cup" contest is a part of Tiepeng labor union’s "safe production month" series of activities. In the earlier time, the company union organized all the staff to carry out the new production safety law, environmental law and other knowledge brought activity. Through this series of contest activities, it creates safety knowledge learning development climax in the company and build a learning, safety production environment.

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